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Rovies Evia, 340 05, Greece
Latitude: 38.81913 - Longitude: 23.22542
(coming from Edipsos, enter Rovies village first and then follow the directions of GPS to eleonas hotel)

Proprietors: Stefanos and Marina Vallis

Registration Number 1351K134k0253801

Getting here - a three hour drive to your imagination...

Eleonas is a 3-hour car journey from Athens and can be reached using either one of two routes.

When you reach Rovies give us a call and we will come to meet you.

1. Over the bridge and the mountain - this is the more scenic drive:

  • Take the Motorway (E75) from Athens to Chalkis (ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑ).
  • Drive over the suspension bridge at Chalkis following signs to N. Evia (Β. ΕΥΒΟΙΑ).
  • A twisty road leads from Chalkis to Limni over Mt. Candili (ΠΡΟΚΟΠΙ, ΣΤΡΟΦΥΛΙΑ).
  • At Limni, follow the sign right to Rovies going by the sea (ΡΟΒΙΕΣ).

2. Motorway and ferry - an easy drive through the plains of Thebes, with a 45 minute ferry ride:

  • Take the Motorway (E75) from Athens to Arkitsa (ΑΡΚΙΤΣΑ).
  • Take the ferry boat to Edipsos (ΑΙΔΗΨΟΣ).
  • Once on Evia Island go right, following the signs to Ilia (ΗΛΙΑ) and Rovies (ΡΟΒΙΕΣ) along the coast

Look also for flights from Volos airport. It is a two hours drive from New Anchialos (Νέα Αγχίαλος) to Rovies (Ροβιές) using the ferry from Glyfa (Γλύφα) to Agiokampos (Αγίοκαμπος) on Evia Island.

If you wish to hire a car and have it waiting for you at Athens, Thessaloniki or Volos airport, you can contact Joyride retal

One of my happiest memories

I have saved just enough of you delicious olives to share with my family on Christmas day and I will be thinking of you and beautiful Evia. My all too short stay in your superb hotel is one of my happiest memories,everything was perfect especially the host and hostess!!! Greece is not having an easy time,the whole world seams in a mess but somehow we get by. I enjoy your updates and admire your enterprise and hope all your efforts are well rewarded! Barbara J