Terms of Reservation & Cancellation

Confirmation of room availability by the hotel does not constitute a reservation. For a valid and firm reservation a deposit in advance by the customer is required within the time limit given by the Reservations. If there is no deposit b the expiration of the time limit, the reservation may be cancelled.

Since "eleonas" is a small hotel we are obliged to follow a very strict cancellation policy.

May 1 to September 30

  • Cancellation up to 21 days before the date of arrival: full refund of deposit
  • Cancellation between 21 to 10 days: the advance deposit is not refunded.
  • Cancellation within less than 10 days or failing to show : the customer will be charged with the full amount for the days of reservation.

October 1 to April 30 (excluding Christmas and Easter holidays)

  • Cancellation up to 7 days before arrival: full refund.
  • Cancellation in less than 7 days or failing to show: the advance deposit is not refunded.

In case of early departure the customer will be charged with 100% of the remaining charges.

One of my happiest memories

I have saved just enough of you delicious olives to share with my family on Christmas day and I will be thinking of you and beautiful Evia. My all too short stay in your superb hotel is one of my happiest memories,everything was perfect especially the host and hostess!!! Greece is not having an easy time,the whole world seams in a mess but somehow we get by. I enjoy your updates and admire your enterprise and hope all your efforts are well rewarded! Barbara J