eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

Take some time to relax | summer 2020| eleonas hotel

Dear friends,

We have opened and we’ve already welcomed the first guests.

After 20 years of operation, we have to follow different procedures.

We adapt and continue to offer you safe and relaxing holidays.


We’ve torn and wiped out 4 months of the calendar but we look at the positive side.

We are 4 months younger.

We look forward to hearing your point of view.


The exterior of the building has been painted, the screens were varnished again, the fabrics were washed, the fountain "grew", we planted more flowers, the cat gave birth and much, much more is happening at eleonas hotel.



Here you can keep the human distances, as instructed in order to protect your health, at breakfast, in the room, while walking  around the estate.

The beach is endless. You can choose between organized and natural or between near and far or deserted and popular.

The colors and aromas of nature around eleonas hotel will relax you and  an hour with a Scuba diving instructor under the surface of the sea in Rovies, will become unforgettable.

Believe me , I tried it !


The fruits in the olive trees grow quickly and Stefanos takes care of them like his own children.

Staying at eleonas hotel you can taste the organic olives and our bio extra virgin olive oil.



 Best wishes

Stefanos and Marina

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