eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

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Dear Friends,


Let us  welcome 2021.

We hope you are ready to travel again as soon as travel is safe.

We will be happy to show you authentic landscapes of Evia.

You will collect experiences, not souvenirs- magnets for the refrigerator.

You can visit our availability plan and price.





Get a taste of what our area can offer by watching  the show that aired on 30 Dec 2020 on national TV.

The show "24 hours in Greece" presented parts of Northern Evia.

We were given the opportunity to tell our story (at 30:43). It is of course in Greek.

We collect words for a word cloud that will accompany us in 2021.

For example in our list we have the words: health, love, carefree, joy, family, friends, travel, dreams, vacations, experiences….

Send us your words to be included.



What a joy you gave us by trying to bake the olive pies !! after the olive bread.

Your messages came from around the world- from Israel all the way to  Switzerland and from America to the Philippines.

Thank you.


Now that you have received our greeting cards, let us show you what happened “backstage”.

Apart from imagination (where every year I want to combine OLIVE design with the Christmas spirit) I also invest many hours of work in making the card.  While sewing the decorative balls  I was thinking about you.

So many guests have you passed the door of the "eleonas hotel" during these 20 years !!!

We are looking forward to the coming years for more guests.










We  decorated the cards with the wishes we received from you.


We started implementing the idea of creating our own olive mill. We started with permits and construction work.

We also collect topics we would like  to be shown in a video which we will present to the visitors.

Do you have any suggestions ??

We will be happy to hear them.

This is our first charm!!

2020 is gone. Let the past year leave something positive. We had time to think (because unfortunately we did not work), we were given the opportunity to review values (because unfortunately we were scared) and now let us live in harmony with our fellow human beings, with animals and plants.

We, who live by the sea, suggest that you read this guide for eco-friendly habits.

Would you like to know more about ancient Greek history?

Here is a very nice presentation of the Persian Wars.

Our history is presented in an attractive way both for children and adults.

 Happy New Year

with our warmest wishes

Marina and Stefanos


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