eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

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Dear friends,

Now that the weather is warming up, now as the days grow longer, there is an optimism, a mood for creation. Do you feel it  ? We at "eleonas”  woke up from hibernation and after a time-consuming (all winter) study and organization, started  new projects.

We’ve  started with the layout and improvement of the parking space.

Access will be safer, your suitcases will be easier to carry, it will not get muddy and it will not be slippy .

We chose an ecological water permeable layer that will be filled with natural gravel.

At the moment, the excavation is over. We paid great attention not to damage the olive roots.

An old broken  tank will become a pond.

We dug, being careful not to damage  the underground watering pipes , we installed it and filled it with water.

We decorated it with stones from the estate.

We will plant aquatic plants and it will become a home for some goldfish.


Our big project is the creation of our own olive mill.

We started the necessary building work. Parallel to that we discuss, design and very slowly arrange the surrounding area,  the creation of a video, a site…

We will set up an exhibition as an agricultural museum.

If you have in your warehouses an old agricultural tool and you are ready to part from it, we will gladly take it. We will exhibit it with a description of its use and the mention of the donor’s name.


The internet was a good companion during the months of quarantine.

We were given the opportunity to attend lectures and seminars from our home. Being in Rovies, that would have been  difficult any other  time when physical presence was necessary.

I took advantage of it and attended lectures on topics for personal improvement and professional skills.

Facebook was also a companion. Do you follow our page on facebook or instagram ??

 The wordcloud with the words you sent us is ready. It was our pleasure to include words that will "illuminate" our days this year. 

I’ve been asked to do a very short self-introduction video.

It is for the ethic hotels- hotels with ethos.

It is very amateurish. You do not even see the blue of the sky.

Maybe the next seminar I should attend is how to make a video.

Warm regards

Stefanos and Marina Valli

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