eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

after the fire | fundraising | olive grove regeneration

“After the gold rush”

Lyrics from the song by Neil Young that come to mind …….
I was lyin’ in a burned out basement

With a full moon in my eyes

I was hopin’ for a replacement

When the sun burst through the skies


Dear friends,

Our long awaited summer season at eleonas hotel after the quarantine due to the corona virus, was temporarily interrupted by the catastrophic fire that burned for 8 days the northern part of Evia and visited our area twice.

Hundreds of acres of land were burned, countless homes were devastated, so many jobs are lost. Virgin forests where wildlife was living and wildflowers where blooming disappeared as well as crops.

It is scary !!!

If you see below on the map the extent of the destruction I think you will understand… ..



Nevertheless, we remain standing and resilient.

The difficulties are great and it will take years to recover. We have to get to work, but we have not lost our positive mood and spirits.

Planning has taken the place of anxiety.


We have refunded all deposits, canceled all the August reservations, cleaned up the rooms and we are waiting for you.

With the help of our Greek guests, who put pressure to anyone who mattered, we managed to have electric power and we can irrigate a few olives.


We, at "eleonas hotel", are very relieved that the hotel was saved, and our home, some olives trees away survived, with little, proportionally, damages.

But the small house, that hosted us as newlyweds, is complitly burned.



However, we were very upset that most of our olive grove burned down.

We have not yet finished the inventory of burnt trees, we think that it is still worth setting up our own olive press.


Together with our children we came to the decision to ask for your valuable help.

We’ve started a fundraising.

Visit the page and find out what we plan to do.

Thank you for spreading it.


Thank you very much for your offers.

Your love gives us strength

Our Dora, the dog, maintained  her enthusiasm and witty spirit although she suffers from slight burns from the fire.

Our cat Pixie gave birth to another kitten which just opened its eyes.

The pond with the goldfish is intact.


The wooden playhouse, the table tennis, the observatory tower, the pavilion, the hammocks also escaped the fire.

The fairies lost their sleeping place and the bridge disappeared.

Many of the gym equipment do not exist any more and the yoga place no longer has natural shade as no pine tree survived.

The bridge and the forest are burned.


 September is the ideal month for vacation.

In Rovies, the fire did not visit the beach.

The taverns by the sea with fresh food are as you knew them.

And we are ready to provide new suggestions for relaxation or activities.


We are glad that we are already hosting our first visitors and new devoted friends at eleonas hotel, who enjoyed their breakfast in our outdoor area overlooking the sea, something that fortunately the fire did not deprive us of.

Your favorite view from the rooms does not testify the anguish moments we spent.


This summer we are still waiting for you to offer the sound of the waves, the open shaded space of our yard, the colorful sunsets, peace and tranquility that you know so well.

 thank you very much for your support, 

warm regards

Marina and Stefanos Vallis

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