eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

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Dear friends,


A voice within us, urges us, to try and recreate everything as it was before the fire. But time is not enough for us.  Our energy is not as it used to be 20 plus… years ago.

The northern part of Evia Island was home to people who lived with nature and not by nature.

These olive trees do not exist any more.

Pines, firs, poplars no longer exist. Some of the olives will not survive.


But now it is very difficult to make decisions when the state has the first and last say.

For the evacuation of the village the order was given by the state, for the extinguishing or not of the fire the orders were given by the state, for whether  or not  we will cut the burned pines, the state, if we will prune now or in the spring, the state,  compensation , subsidy, the state.

 We are grateful to you!  With your financial support through crowd funding you give us the opportunity to take decisions that are exclusively ours, to continue to serve the natural farming  and not the intensive one, to preserve the biodiversity, to offer hospitality focusing on people.

Northern Evia became famous for  the wrong reasons.  You can read here one more article by Stine Schioetler from Denmark.

In the last month, Stefanos has focused on harvesting olives, Koroneiki variety.  

He is learning how to use our new olive press to extract the extra virgin olive oil from early crop “agoureleo”. He is in a hurry to bottle it so he can offer it to you before Christmas.




I, on the other hand, make lists for the work/repairs that Stefanos has to do and the things that we have to replace.

I write letters to inform whomever  it  may concerns  about the damages. I collect documents for compensation.

 I submit my ideas for the tourist development of the area and… I write and re-write the script for the video that we will show in a specially designed room in our olive press.

I also prepare the season cards which, like every year, are handmade.

I dedicate time but also a lot of love to each and everyone separately.

It’s our way to send you wishes during winter.


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Nice! Now our communication will not be lost.

 warm regards

Marina and Stefanos


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