eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

summer 22 | eleonas hotel

Dear friends,

I hope you have started planning your summer vacation. In Rovies, the beaches are wonderful, the taverns prepare fresh food and the people are, as always, hospitable.

We are waiting for you.

On the olive trees the flowers became fruits and they are growing day by day.

We had a lot of snow in the winter which favored the trees and the dust from Africa did not have a negative effect this year.


Newly planted trees and shrubs need our care. They need frequent watering. Fortunately there are volunteers / clients who help us.


 We also resurrected the wall of sounds with the help of Petter, our volunteer, and you can test your skills in composing music. 

We were visited by journalists who deal with gastronomy and we organized an olive oil tasting with thre different olive oils from North Evia.

We talked about the quality categories of olive oil and told the story of our estate.

We offer them olives and olive paste from the Cooperative and freshly baked olive bread and olive pies.

The Hellenic Society of Environment and Culture organized a training day for the management of extreme fire events. Among other things, we learned what materials are good to use in the construction of our house, how to get prepared  before the summer, how the fire behaves, what you do when you are in a fire and much more.


The organization " New Agriculture New Generation"  continues the training seminars. This time we listen to  Mrs. Balafouti and the topic was "From the Idea to the Shelf"

We managed to go for a walk in the waterfall "Dafnokouki" near Ilia.

An easy trail and a rewarding side.

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