eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

From April on, we will be open | olive oil tasting | eleonashotel

Dear Friends,




We did not experience any “winter” this year. Before we realized it, spring was here

Anemones, daisies, marigolds, poppies have bloomed...

We have a saying in Greece: summer starts  from March and winter from August.

March, the herald of so desired summer.


The sea is wonderful these days.

We are getting ready to welcome you. Come in April to catch the wildflowers in bloom.


We take care of the gardens, plant flowers and trees.

Unfortunately,  the irrigation system of the entire estate and the hotel’s gardens was destroyed in the fire and we are struggling to water them especially this year when it rained very little.

We have entered the Carnaval season and before you know it, we will celebrate  Easter.

In the next newsletter we will inform you about our Greek Easter offer.

We want to keep you in suspense.


  Yet another year we managed to please you with the hospitality we offer.

In recent years it has been difficult to keep the service provision at a good level due to lack of staff.

Thank you for your understanding and your nice remarks.



We made the official appearance of the olive press/olive oil Vallis/ olive experience. Visit our site www.eleonasproducts.gr and send us your comments.

We invite you to follow us on facebook to learn the news.


warm regards

Marina and Stefanos

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