eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

Autumn | Let us visit Rovies

The weather has changed…Warm in the morning-cool in the evening. It is autumn.

Let’s welcome this fall together in Rovies on the 28th of October, celebrating  also our National Day.



Fantastic view and multicoloured sunsets


…and that’s for now. eleonas will be active again from Friday 24 Feb 2017, ready to welcome new and old friends.

Since last month we belong to the Yogahotels’ network. Check the description of our hotel.

We are now expecting the certification for Bike friendly hotel. We can certainly make the bikers’ stay pleasant.

The olives are being harvested and we have started the extraction of olive oil. The whole process from farming to standardization of the olives and olive oil is bio, certified by BIO HELLAS.



This month the joint effort of Belgian and Greek doctors  from Saint-Pierre University Hospital in Brussels will have reach its aim. A medical bus, providing mobile equipment (scanners, basic biological equipment, ECG recording machines, spirometers, etc will be donated to our Municipality.

This will allow those who are most vulnerable and/or most isolated to benefit from the healthcare, including the elderly, pregnant women, and disabled patients.


We will be honored to accommodate at “eleonas” the delegation from Brussels:

 Ms. Faouzia Hariche, Deputy Mayor of the City of Brussels,

Ms Pascale Peraita, Présidente du CHU St Pierre.

Prof .Dr. Michel Degueldre – Président de la Fondation CHU- St Pierre

Dr Patrick Van Alphen, MD, the doctor who also drove the medical bus to Greece.

 Ms. Dominique Dauby,   representing Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège

and the  General practitioner Mr Theodoros Pleros, the Greek doctor who  inspired and  was responsible for the Project Eubee.


warm regards

Marina and Stefanos Vallis



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