eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

olive oil, olives and eleonas hotel

Dear friends,


We hope you have received our Christmas cards. If we do not have your address, send it to us  by return mail. We will be happy to have you on our list.

This year we created a Mandala, a circle/ a universe with the essentials: olives of Rovies, tomatoes, capers and oregano. A composition that, after we took the perfect picture, we  gave it the form of a star. During the festive days  our thoughts were with you and we are grateful that at some point you chose "eleonas hotel"  for your holidays. We thank you and send you best wishes for the New Year.
When we receive your news and your cards (and they are many)we rejoice, so please go on sending them.

After the food fair in Sweden, where we promoted the olives of our Agricultural Cooperative, we visited Romania for meetings with travel agents for the promotion of “eleonas hotel. Bucharest was festive decorated and Brasov was covered with snow. We also had a very brief but very pleasant meeting with friends of “eleonas”.


At the end of February we will be at BIOFACH-trade fair for organic products- in Germany, but right now we are getting ready for our participation in the gastronomy and tourism festival in France FestiVitas on Feb 1 to 3 in Mulhouse.

We hope to see friends from France, Germany and Switzerland in Mulhouse. We will be there from January 31st to Feb 5th 2019. We will offer our extra virgin organic olive oil for sale to give a “whiff” of the Mediterranean to the Continental Europe.

We sincerely wish that our experiences of 2018 will help us in becoming better and that all of us together will have an exceptional New Year.

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