eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

Best wishes | bio EVOO | 20th anniversary

Dear friends,

With our guests of 28th October weekend we organized an olive oil tasting. Stefanos gave important information and answered questions about quality characteristics of olive oil.


November was the month for work on the farm. We harvested the olives, running to olive press and the packaging in Chalkida in-between.


We had to quikly  bottle the bio extra virgin olive oil for the FOOD & LIFE fair in Munich. It was the first time we took part in a fair with direct sales on location. A lot of fatigue, a lot of talking, new contacts…it was AN experience.


On our return again a race from farm to olive press to packaging in order to fulfill the orders for our customers abroad, so that they would have the extra virgin bio olive oil “eleonas” before the holidays.

 Unfortunately, a large part of the crop was infected by the fly called dakos and this year’s olive oil will have a slightly higher acidity.

November is also the month το get up today on touristic issues. We visited exhibitions and took part at forums, conferences and seminars.

We worked on our Christmas card too. It is handmade as we are used to do all these years.

This coming year ‘eleonas hotel’ will celebrate its first 20 years of being in business.

We are setting up all kinds of events, which we will let you know of soon.

We wish you Happy New Year

With success in your profession, with joy in your family and good health.


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