eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm
eleonas Hotel Rovies Evia Island Greece | Agrotourism | Farm

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Dear friends,

We hope and wish that you all are well.

This health crisis has given many of us the opportunity to reflect upon our own values  and priorities.

We, as a family, decided to change our lives years ago. We left the city and moved to this rural area at the family farm. We continue to maintain the biodiversity, we continue to farm organically, we continue to respect and enjoy our contact with Nature.

Here, at eleonas hotel, we invite our guests to unlock their senses:. all 5 of them. We invite you not just to visit Evia Island, but to fuel your emotions with a sensory-rich experience. See, hear, taste, touch, smell.

Let us have this experience even from a distance. Here is the recipe for our olive bread

While baking it, while tasting it, remember your vacation at eleonas hotel and plan your next one.

Olive Bread

½ kilo of self-raising flour

0,5 lit of beer

about 40 Kalamata olive without the stones or stuffed green olives from Rovies.

1 tbsp oregano or cumin or mint

salt and pepper

some olive oil


Add beer to the flour and mix in a bowl with your hand slowly.

Add the olives and the rest of the ingredients .

Pοur olive oil in a cake tin and then the mixture.

Bake at 1800 C for approx. 60 min.

The bread is ready when you can easily unmould it.



 I follow seminars, listen to interviews. I try to be updated with the new procedures scientists are proposing for hospitality. It seems, that when we re-open, our services will not be the same. When it is clear, when we have a manual in our hands, when we have studied it and learned the new procedures, we will let you know.

We do not like the idea of disposable products or cleaning with bleach. We are searching for environmental friendly solutions that will agree with our philosophy.

I keep myself busy with handicraft. I love to up-cycle things. I am lucky that I have a big storage space, making it easy to keep bits and pieces.



We humans are social creatures.

Hospitality is all about breaking the social distances. It is about bringing people together. When this is safe again, plan your vacation.

We will be here.

Easter was very quiet. I took a walk and saw that all flowers had woken up from their winter sleep and you could see colors everywhere. The olives are also ready to bloom. It seems we will have a good crop.




In the midst of all this beauty an event broke our hearts. Our dog, Hati, disappeared. On a Thursday morning she was with Stefanos in the field until 12:00 and at 13:30, when he stopped farming for lunch, she did not come home with him. We searched and searched with no luck. Let’s hope that someone has her and she is happy.


On the 1st of May I made the traditional flower wreath. This year I was alone remembering previous years when some of you gave a hand, picking flowers and arranging them.




Now that in most our countries traffic restriction measures are being reduced wear the “eye” that was included in our Christmas card and go out. This will keep you safe from evil eyes.. Alternately you can wear it around your neck or as foot bracelet.


And some good news….


We started a new collaboration with eco hotels.com booking site. Eco hotels is committed to giving back to the environment. Each booking will elicit an amount donated to 4Ocean, supporting  their efforts to clean our oceans from plastic waste.
We are also proudly informing you that eleonas hotel is included and advertised in Kynder- eco and kind hospitality group.



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