Our philosophy

Stefanos: I would like my grandchildren to have this olive grove that we inherited from my grandfather.
Marina: I would like to reduce the negative impact I might have on the environment.
We both want you to enjoy the tranquility nature can offer. Here you will be able to listen the grass growing, the rustling of bees’ wings, the frogs’ discussions.

We, at eleonas hotel, respect the environment, the local community, our guests and our co-workers.
We built the hotel with local materials focusing on providing you -our guests- with an undisturbed view of Nature and starry nights.
We immediately transplanted the 5 olive trees that grew where the hotel now stands.

Today we are proud to share with you many of the measures taken to minimize our footprint, without compromising our guest’s comfort. We offer an eco-friendly hospitality.

Eleonas hotel is thoroughly committed to reducing its environmental impact by actively participating in standards that are in harmony with the earth’s natural resources.

In delivering this commitment

  • We train and educate ourselves and the staff concerning issues of environmental protection and we work closely with other like-minded organizations and suppliers.
    • participate in seminars
    • use environmentally friendly cleaning products
    • all the furniture, mattresses (the mattresses have been provided by the Greek company Coco Mat which is well known for its ecological sensitivity) and textiles are made of natural materials.
    • We are a smoke-free hotel to give you the pleasure of enjoying the sea breeze and the land aromas.
  • We apply various technological innovations in order to save energy and water.
    • We use economy light bulbs almost 100% and we try to have “green” appliances.
    • There are thermostats in each room and magnetic traps on the windows to stop heating or cooling when the window is open.
    • We use gas in the kitchen which is more environmental friendly.
    • There is a filter on every faucet and shower cap which mixes water with air to create a pleasant feeling while saving water. We have dual flush cisterns. Even in a water-rich area like ours, we try not to waste it.
    • We have a guest towel/bedlinen changing program in place to save water.
    • The garden is planted with bushes and trees which are adjusted to the weather conditions so that they do not demand a lot of watering.
  • We minimize our waste
    • We recycle paper, glass, aluminum, batteries, light bulbs, electrical appliances and fabrics ( I have a loom and I weave them).
    • We have many animals so we do not have to throw away our leftover food
    • We promote the use of liquid soap from dispensers
    • We use only reusable dishware and silverware
    • We avoid using single use condiments (jam, butter, etc) in useless packaging, in favour of reusable containers.
  • The meals we serve are made with products of the farm and the region
    • We buy food locally and serve only seasonal fruits and vegetables
    • We make our own bread, jam, pastry, fruit juice…
    • Our menu is based on  Greek traditional recipes
  • We cultivate our farm- 90 acres- organically.
    • We water the olive trees by drop irrigation thus saving water.
    • We use only organic fertilizers.
    • We fight the enemies of the fruits with traps instead of chemicals.
    • The pieces of the branches left after pruning are crashed and left on the ground to enhance the organic matter.
    • We harvest the olives with the traditional way.
    • We have our own vegetable garden from where we pick the vegetables to make fresh, healthy salads.
  • We value the natural and cultural heritage of our property and give our guests an authentically local experience
    • Old pictures of the estate decoratie the walls of the rooms
    • Local events are posted on the bulletin board
    • Books with information about the area, the olive tree, the birds etc are available
  • We create environmental awareness among our guests
    • Encourage guests to buy products that are made locally
    • There are notices advising the guests of our policy and urging them to participate.
    • like using the ceiling fan instead of air-conditioning,
    • to walk, to see, to listen,
    • to take only pictures and leave only footprints while visiting the local sightseeing spots
  • We are actively involved in every possible way to protect the environment and to prevent its pollution

«Please deal with the consumption of any commodity (food, water, paper, detergents) like using natural resources. Please avoid wasteful use of this as it will lead to depletion of the resources from where it originates.

With you as an ally, we can minimize the depletion of the natural resources, save energy and have a friendlier attitude towards our environment.»