North Evia’s unspoiled countryside is the perfect place for a walk along wooded paths enjoying the birdsong, or a stroll along the pebbled shoreline with the seagulls for company. Unforgettable magical landscapes.

The climate in Evia is great for hiking, and the trails around the island are suitable for walkers of any age.

Setting off from our accommodation at Rovies, you can explore Mount Ksiro, Mount Telethrio, and Mount Licha with its views of the sea. You can quench your thirst at the waterfalls, swim off the secluded beaches and relax in the area’s warm thermal waters. Photograph and identify the birds and wild flowers. There is a great variety, which you will encounter on your walk.

You can only really get to know North Evia on foot, which is a wonderful experiential experience.

Enjoy your stay at eleonas Hotel and explore the beautiful paths in the area.

Our hotel is certified as a hikerfriendly hotel.

Our breakfast will give you all the energy you need and we can give you lots of information on both short and long hiking trails

We can lend you books on nature, trails and culture. See films and documentaries about nature and hiking.

If you do not come prepared for hiking, but want to explore the paths in the area, we can lend you backpacks and waterproofs, make you a picnic, and lend you binoculars...

Ask us for a light-weight first-aid bag to take with you on your hikes.

Did you get back from your walk covered in mud? No problem. Clean your shoes at our outside tap and we will dry them for you.

We work with experienced independent guides who can accompany you and show you around.

We have 5 or 7-day programmes for small groups (minimum 12 people) with hiking and other activities. These are also suitable for families. Ask us for more information.

Your unforgettable hiking adventure starts with our exceptional hospitality