• Learn about olive trees, regarded as sacred by the ancient Greeks, a symbol of wisdom and peace in a land of turbulent history. Some of the oldest trees are over 1,000 years old!
  • For bird watchers there are soaring eagles and peregrine falcons among the many rare species
  • Pick bunches of fragrant herbs and discover the countless exotic wild flowers
  • Woods and the protected olive grove allow for great walks and cycle rides in magnificent surroundings
  • Join in the harvest between September and January in the olive grove, find out all about “olives”, how they are prepared and how olive oil is made.

a little paradise

The estate of Eleonas is so interesting that you can just stay there and never get bored. So much to see, so much to discover, but always in a very slow rhythm. Just the right place to relax and get stimulated with new impressions. Very good food, nice room, a little paradise. Claudiaburghardt    Aug 2018