Unspoiled by tourism, northern Evia is an area of outstanding natural beauty, steeped in ancient history.

Evia Island has never made it into the top 10 places to visit. But many visitors come every year and for good reason.

It has great weather with four distinct seasons, lots of good views and ample of space.

Nature is virgin, safe and accessible. You can go walking on the mountains and enjoy the birds, the herbs and the pure air. You can go walking by the sea and enjoy the sounds of silence, the smell of coastal scent and pine tree.

You can swim and sunbath and be alone even in high season whilst other islands in Greece are overcrowded with tourists.

Rovies is an affordable destination where you can really enjoy the moments alone with your loved ones and treasure this holiday for ever.

Come and try it yourself.

  • The protected olive grove in Rovies Evia Island allows you to be at one with nature.
  • Swim all day on the local beaches or take walks to places where heaven and earth meet.
  • Explore some of the delightful towns and villages nearby. From natural spas to carnivals they have something for everyone.
  • The monasteries and churches surrounding the local area will fascinate the cultured traveller.

Come and explore the beautiful region of North Evia – a perfect natural harmony of green forests and beautiful, rugged coastline. This is one of the last Greek islands where private beaches can be found set in the magnificent backdrop of the Greek nature at its best.