This year, leave your worries at home and come and enjoy the hospitality at Eleonas, giving yourself the gift of a daily yoga session to improve your health and your well-being. You will return home calmer and feeling renewed.

Begin your day with yoga on the balcony of your room and finish it with a sun salutation. All our rooms are west-facing, and you can enjoy the brilliant golden orange sunset.

Put on some comfortable clothes, bring along your mat and come and do some breathing exercises in the clean, fresh air and enjoy the scent of nature.

Feel the breeze, listen to the birdsong, do your exercises in a quiet spot at the foot of the olive or pine trees, just 5 minutes away from the beach.

Pick herbs from our garden for your drinks.

Try our vegetarian breakfast.

We cook the evening meal using our own oil, following Greek recipes with a touch of our own imagination added.

Combine your holidays with some exercise, swimming off the nearby beach or at the spa in Aidipsos (only 20 km from Eleonas). Go for walks along the signposted trails and enjoy the birds and wild-flowers.

Or relax with a book from our library.

So that your peace remains undisturbed, there are neither televisions nor radios in the bedrooms.

If you are a yoga teacher, get in touch with us to plan a retreat specially for your group.

We have a 35 m2 indoor hall and many outdoor areas available at the hotel.

Take your students out into nature. Part of the meaning of yoga is to be one with nature. This is the reason that many positions represent animals and nature.

If your students find that, unlike the floor, the ground is not completely flat, encourage them to see this difficulty as a challenge. To see it as a chance to concentrate on establishing a harmonious connection between themselves and nature.

Eleonas hotel is the perfect accommodation for yoga seminars .

It is surrounded by olive trees which are cultivated organically. It is just a stone’s throw away from the sea and the village. It has 10 double rooms, charming decor and is furnished using natural materials.

We have been awarded the Green Key for our efforts to protect the natural environment.

Nature - calm  - relaxation are the triad at the heart of Eleonas Hotel