Organic Agrotouristic Farm

The farm has about 3500 olive trees many of which are ancient. It is a historical piece of land.

The scenery is characteristically Greek and the olive tree has been cultivated here since the ancient times.

The whole olive grove is being organic cultivated and the olives retain all the natural substances essential to the well being of the people.

When a person eats an olive he/she cannot imagine how much work and how many people, with love and knowledge, have taken care of the tree and the fruit.

The tree is nourished by a suitable soil in the Rovies, fertilized, when this is necessary, only with organic products.

No chemical are used against the fruit’s enemies. We use mainly traps.

Harvesting is done by hand. The olives are picked one be one from the tree without being hurt.

Sorting is initially started by members of the grower’s family and is then finished at the Cooperative.

The olives are stored in the Cooperative plant where they are held under strict hygiene and food safety conditions with international certification.

The processing- dibittering, fermentation, preservation- is achieved by sorting the olives in air-tight tangs for about 8 months in natural brine. This is the Greek traditional way without adding caustic soda which is the most widespread method to hasten the process.

We ensure optimal product quality.

Our olive oil is produced by the method of "cold pressing", is extra virgin organic olive oil certified by BIO Hellas and 0,5 acidity.


Our main concern is to hand over a productive olive grove and a health environment  to the next generation. That is what sustainability means.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in an olive oil tasting