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Rovies Evia, 340 05, Greece
Latitude: 38.81913 - Longitude: 23.22542
(coming from Edipsos, enter Rovies village first and then follow the directions of GPS to eleonas hotel)

Proprietors: Stefanos and Marina Vallis

Registration Number 1351K134k0253801

Getting here - a three hour drive to your imagination...

Eleonas is a 3-hour car journey from Athens and can be reached using either one of two routes.

When you reach Rovies give us a call and we will come to meet you.

1. Over the bridge and the mountain - this is the more scenic drive:

  • Take the Motorway (E75) from Athens to Chalkis (ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑ).
  • Drive over the suspension bridge at Chalkis following signs to N. Evia (Β. ΕΥΒΟΙΑ).
  • A twisty road leads from Chalkis to Limni over Mt. Candili (ΠΡΟΚΟΠΙ, ΣΤΡΟΦΥΛΙΑ).
  • At Limni, follow the sign right to Rovies going by the sea (ΡΟΒΙΕΣ).

2. Motorway and ferry - an easy drive through the plains of Thebes, with a 45 minute ferry ride:

  • Take the Motorway (E75) from Athens to Arkitsa (ΑΡΚΙΤΣΑ).
  • Take the ferry boat to Edipsos (ΑΙΔΗΨΟΣ).
  • Once on Evia Island go right, following the signs to Ilia (ΗΛΙΑ) and Rovies (ΡΟΒΙΕΣ) along the coast

Look also for flights from Volos airport. It is a two hours drive from New Anchialos (Νέα Αγχίαλος) to Rovies (Ροβιές) using the ferry from Glyfa (Γλύφα) to Agiokampos (Αγίοκαμπος) on Evia Island.

If you wish to hire a car and have it waiting for you at Athens, Thessaloniki or Volos airport, you can contact Joyride retal