Olive trees existed in the area since way back. Stravon (1st century AC) describes the olive grove in the area of Oroviae.

In 1836 Rovies and the surrounding area were sold by the Turks to Apostolos Dumas. Since then the Tower of Rovies and a large segment of the olive grove belong to his discendants.

Antonis Papadopoulos was the one who gave the olive grove its present form. He gatherd the olive trees from all around the farm into one area-near the river deltha, next to the sea, protected from the north wind.

He planted olive trees from the sea to the top of the mountain and experimented with new ways of farming and different varieties of olives.

We, his descendands, go on with the cultivation of the olive trees with the same faith and enthusiasm.

Organic Agrotourism Farm and guesthouse

The farm is organic cultivated and certified by BIO Hellas

We are in luck as there is no installations in the vicinity polluting or cars passing therefore  no exhaust or noise and quiet is soothing.  One can hear only the sounds of Nature.

We keep the biodiversity  by leaving islands of wild vegetation among the trees for the birds to nest, insects to fly and small animals to hide.

We take care of the exterior night light in order to not disturb the nocturnal animals.

The well trend farm of 35 hectares  with walking paths, a pine forest and a small stream is the “garden” in which “eleonas” guests will feel relaxed, will walk, will breathe fresh air.

Wander around the olive grove, look at the wild flowers, listen to the birds, watch them through the binoculars, sketch the trunk of an olive tree.