• St. David's monastery on the mountain behind Rovies was established before 1500, a place of pilgrimage and healing, and it was where the saint himself lived.
  • St. George's monastery, built on the site of a temple to Apollo near Ilia, offers a unique view of the Gulf of Evia and contains sacred relics.
  • The Galataki nunnery near Limni is built on an ancient temple of Poseidon. Here a renovated tower built during the Frankish era gives an unforgettable view.
  • St. John the Russian is a wonderfully preserved church at Prokopi, which houses ancient relics brought by refugees from Asia Minor.

a little paradise

The estate of Eleonas is so interesting that you can just stay there and never get bored. So much to see, so much to discover, but always in a very slow rhythm. Just the right place to relax and get stimulated with new impressions. Very good food, nice room, a little paradise. Claudiaburghardt    Aug 2018