Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Green Key awarded Eleonas Agrotourist Hotel in Greece has taken some creative initiatives on recycling.

I love to reuse, to recycle. I believe things should have more than one “life”.

I dye the white hotel towels and cut them and weave them with my loom to rug rags.

I decorate the director chairs but unfortunately they do not last for long, so I cut the hand painted design and make heavy hangers like patchwork.

I collect the toilet paper rolls and make decorations that I find in the internet.

In September 2014, the partially used soap bars from the hotel that I collect were recycled. Together with the action “Soap for All” we disinfected the soap, we grate it, we melted it by adding water and heat and then we put it in moulds (empty milk and juice boxes).  These bars of soap will be donated to social groups in need of assistance.