• Beaches fringe the shore for 27km from Limni all the way to Ilia. The secluded pebbled beaches in front of Eleonas are invariably empty, so it won’t be hard to find a beach to yourself, even in August!
  • Drive to Agia Anna on the other side of the island Evia and discover a 7km stretch of pure golden sand.
  • A waterfall in spectacular surroundings in the mountains near Drimona is a challenging cycle ride away.
  • The Gulf of Evia is the sea you view from Eleonas. It is always calm and rich in sea life. You'll see fishermen's lights dotting the sea at night and if you're lucky you will also see dolphins. Snorkelling is a must!
  • Hikers and climbers can enjoy Mt.Candili and Mt. Dirfis, Evia's highest mountain, where you can even ski in winter.

a little paradise

The estate of Eleonas is so interesting that you can just stay there and never get bored. So much to see, so much to discover, but always in a very slow rhythm. Just the right place to relax and get stimulated with new impressions. Very good food, nice room, a little paradise. Claudiaburghardt    Aug 2018