• Beaches fringe the shore for 27km from Limni all the way to Ilia. The secluded pebbled beaches in front of Eleonas are invariably empty, so it won’t be hard to find a beach to yourself, even in August!
  • Drive to Agia Anna on the other side of the island Evia and discover a 7km stretch of pure golden sand.
  • A waterfall in spectacular surroundings in the mountains near Drimona is a challenging cycle ride away.
  • The Gulf of Evia is the sea you view from Eleonas. It is always calm and rich in sea life. You’ll see fishermen’s lights dotting the sea at night and if you’re lucky you will also see dolphins. Snorkelling is a must!
  • Hikers and climbers can enjoy Mt.Candili and Mt. Dirfis, Evia’s highest mountain, where you can even ski in winter.

The beaches of Evoikokos bay have pebbles. What can be better ? There is no sand to get into your eyes and inside your bathing suit.

Since the waters are so clear, the sea urchins prefer to live in some places too. We suggest that you have a pair of sea shoes with you.

You can easily reach the beaches in the Aegean, all different, all very nice.

Rovies Beach

Rovies Beach

Just 1km from "eleonas hotel" is Rovies beach.

If some of you prefer a drink and others swimming or sunbathing, Rovies beach is ideal.

It offers cozy taverns, showers for rinsing off the sea water, play-ground and benches to rest.

You can swim all day until the sun goes down as the sea is quite warm.

Heracles Beach

Heracles Beach

This is a sheltered bay with trees reaching almost the sea offering natural shade.

The pebbles on the beach are small and the sea deepens gradually. It is ideal for children and elderly people.

It is only 3km from "eleonas hotel".


"Kamares" Beach

Kamares Beach

10 minute walk from "eleonas hotel" and this beach is waiting  you. The sound of the waves and the bird’s tweeting will keep you company. The beach is strewn with small pebbles. Children can create imaginary shapes with shells which are uncovered when the tide is low.


“Kamini” beach

“Kamini” beach

Here you can enjoy your swimming wearing goggles. The sea deepens very soon and it becomes deep blue. There is no natural shade on the beach. You will need to bring an umbrella with you.

The beach is 2km from "eleonas hotel".


Taxiarchi’s Beach

Taxiarchi’s Beach

It is on the way from Rovies to Edipsos. It is not easy to reach because of the summer camps of the Archibishopry of Chalkida.

If you walk along the fence you will reach a small bay strewn with small pebbles and crystal clear waters.


Chronia Beach

Chronia Beach

South of the village Chronia there is a small pretty pebble bay.

Kohyli beach


Two km north of Limni, the beach is named after the beach bar which is there. It is an organized beach with shade, shower, sunbeds.


“Kanatadika” Beach

“Kanatadika” Beach

The beach is long and is covered with tiny pebbles.

Are you hungry? You can have a bite in one of the tavernas there with a view of the Pagassitikos Bay across the sea.

Do not forget to have your binoculars with you to watch the birds, which live on the wetland here at the outfall of the stream.

The coast of Edipsos

The coast of Edipsos

Below the cafeteria “Thermee” in Edipsos the hot waters flow freely into the sea.

You can swim summer or winter and enjoy the beneficial quality of there mineral waters.






In Ilia the sea water is always warm because it is mixed with the, thermal SPA waters of the area. Swimming here is a pleasure. You also have a great choice of taverns and cafes.

The area is magical

We have travelled all around Greece and Eleonas Hotel is definitely one of a kind. It’s an elegant, delicate and comfortable guesthouse, surrounded by beautiful nature. The area is magical as well with green mountains falling into clear blue waters. Marina is a great host - very informative, interesting and a sensitive person, as well as a good cook! Make sure you stay for at least a few days to really enjoy the serenity of this place. Polina ,Sep.2019