We organise seminars at the eleonas hotel, and we like to combine a pleasant stay for our guests with experiential experiences.

Cooking lessons

Let’s cook some simple, traditional Greek recipes together - let’s have some fun. While we cook with olive oil, olives from our grove and local herbs, we can chat about the island’s myths and traditions.

Olive oil tasting

Our seminars are the best way to learn more about olive trees, olives and olive oils. You will learn how to be sure you are choosing good quality olive oil, which is to your taste.

Organic olive growing.

We give guided tours of the olive grove explaining organic farming methods, how we tackle pests, what fertiliser is needed and how the olives are harvested. You will also be given information on pruning, the characteristics of the varieties of olive trees grown in the estate, as well as information on the traditional natural Greek method of processing green olives.


We believe in recycling and reusing to avoid waste. We organise seminars to share our knowledge.

Making handmade paper from recycled scraps

We make sheets of paper from used paper, and decorate them with motifs from nature.

Weaving with rags

You use homemade looms to learn the basics of weaving. We cut old materials into rags. Using our imagination and artistic skills we create both decorative and useful items.


We can give you and your group the use of the hotel areas if you are interested in organising a seminar and stay at eleonas hotel.

There is a suitable inside room and lots of shaded areas outside.

We will be happy to accommodate you.


We are happy to organise company meetings.

One of my happiest memories

I have saved just enough of you delicious olives to share with my family on Christmas day and I will be thinking of you and beautiful Evia. My all too short stay in your superb hotel is one of my happiest memories,everything was perfect especially the host and hostess!!! Greece is not having an easy time,the whole world seams in a mess but somehow we get by. I enjoy your updates and admire your enterprise and hope all your efforts are well rewarded! Barbara J