• Learn about olive trees, regarded as sacred by the ancient Greeks, a symbol of wisdom and peace in a land of turbulent history. Some of the oldest trees are over 1,000 years old!
  • For bird watchers there are soaring eagles and peregrine falcons among the many rare species
  • Pick bunches of fragrant herbs and discover the countless exotic wild flowers
  • Woods and the protected olive grove allow for great walks and cycle rides in magnificent surroundings
  • Join in the harvest between September and January in the olive grove, find out all about “olives”, how they are prepared and how olive oil is made.

One of my happiest memories

I have saved just enough of you delicious olives to share with my family on Christmas day and I will be thinking of you and beautiful Evia. My all too short stay in your superb hotel is one of my happiest memories,everything was perfect especially the host and hostess!!! Greece is not having an easy time,the whole world seams in a mess but somehow we get by. I enjoy your updates and admire your enterprise and hope all your efforts are well rewarded! Barbara J