• St. David's monastery on the mountain behind Rovies was established before 1500, a place of pilgrimage and healing, and it was where the saint himself lived.
  • St. George's monastery, built on the site of a temple to Apollo near Ilia, offers a unique view of the Gulf of Evia and contains sacred relics.
  • The Galataki nunnery near Limni is built on an ancient temple of Poseidon. Here a renovated tower built during the Frankish era gives an unforgettable view.
  • St. John the Russian is a wonderfully preserved church at Prokopi, which houses ancient relics brought by refugees from Asia Minor.

One of my happiest memories

I have saved just enough of you delicious olives to share with my family on Christmas day and I will be thinking of you and beautiful Evia. My all too short stay in your superb hotel is one of my happiest memories,everything was perfect especially the host and hostess!!! Greece is not having an easy time,the whole world seams in a mess but somehow we get by. I enjoy your updates and admire your enterprise and hope all your efforts are well rewarded! Barbara J